About the Maker

Derrick Wulf is an American bladesmith currently living in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. He makes primarily hand-forged carbon steel and damascus kitchen knives, hunting and outdoor knives, and other fine-edged tools. All of his work is individually designed, sole-authored, and made in his own workshop using hand-tools and manually-operated machinery.

Derrick has been forging knives and tools for customers since the early 2000s. He is a member of the American Bladesmith Society and acquired the rank of Journeyman Smith in 2013. His work has been featured in several national publications including Blade magazine, Tactical Knives, and Knife World.

His design and construction methods are informed primarily by performance considerations, while his material selections and hand finishing processes are meant to provide the owner with a both a highly functional and finely finished tool.

Derrick can be reached by email, at derrickwulf@gmail.com, and can be found on Instagram as @wulfdmaker