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My name is Derrick Wulf. I am, among other things, a custom bladesmith and decorative blacksmith currently living in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. I have been making knives and tools in my own workshop for over a decade, but the roots of my passion for working with fire and steel go all the way back to my childhood, when I developed an early fascination with blacksmithing and ancient tools. Creating these tools is for me both a creative outlet and a productive challenge. It allows me combine chemistry, metallurgy, and geometry with texture, color, and form to build unique, one-of-a-kind objects that function both as artistic expressions and as potentially life-saving tools.

I am currently a Journeyman Smith (JS) in the American Bladesmith Society, and my work has been featured in several national publications including Blade magazine, Tactical Knives, and Knife World. My knives have been carried and used all over the world, from the mountains of Vermont, to the forests of Germany, and the battlefields of Afghanistan.
Every knife I make is thoroughly tested by me to insure proper heat treatment and blade geometry, and I back my work with an unconditional guaranty that it will stand up to all uses for which it is intended. I incorporate years of extensive use and field testing in my designs, as well as the feedback of the soldiers, hunters, adventurers and outdoorsmen that carry and use my knives. It is for them that I strive every day to make the best tool that I can – one that will proudly serve its owner for a lifetime of use and can be depended upon even under the most adverse conditions.
For all orders and inquiries, please note that I currently have a wait time of approximately 8 months for all custom work due to a growing backlog of orders. Moreover, please understand that I do not always fill orders on a “first come, first served” basis, but will prioritize based on user needs and productive efficiency. For example, I may on occasion bump a military order up towards the front of the line, especially if the product is needed for an upcoming mission or deployment. On other occasions I may work on a batch of similar knives all at once in order to improve efficiency and productivity.
I must also mention that I will not make anything to anyone else’s exact specifications, nor will I copy another maker’s designs. As a matter of professional and artistic integrity I will only build knives or tools that meet my own performance standards and design criteria.  I will work with you, not for you. We will collaborate to design a tool specific to your needs and performance requirements, and through the combination of our collective knowledge, experience, and creativity we will come up with a design we can both be proud of and excited about.
You can reach me via email with the address dickwulf [at] yahoo.com or find me on facebook.
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