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Poke something hot and hang your banana

So the wifey’s been asking me to get her a banana hook. Apparently bananas stay fresh longer when they’re hanging from some kind of hook, and apparently these things actually exist. Unfortunately the banana hooks I saw in the local stores all sucked. Ugly, flimsy, made in China crap. So like any self respecting blacksmith I went out to the shop and made one instead. Happy birthday honey. Hope you like it.


Seems to do the trick…


Oh, and speaking of bananas, I also made a fire poker. Hell of a thing, somehow it enables you to move burning logs around in your woodstove without burning your fingers. Sheesh, wish someone had thought of this sooner….


Made this one from a piece of half inch square bar. Forged in a hook and a point, and gave it some decorative alternating twists…. I’m now pretty well equipped to go poke all sorts of hot things and then maybe go hang my banana, and you know what? I feel pretty darn good about that.