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This is not a Kiridashi

Just a simple utility knife that I made for a friend. Sure, there are numerous design elements here that borrow heavily from traditional Japanese utility knives as well as some of their modern Western interpretations, but this is NOT a kiridashi. No. I wouldn’t think of calling it something I can’t pronounce properly. Instead, I’ll call it “schnurd.”


Schnurd is forged from 1084 carbon steel and measures just a hair over 6 inches from tip to ass. It has a pretty steep chisel grind with a cutting edge not even two inches long. The primary bevel is ground down to 800-grit while the remaining surface area remains forge-fresh and unfinished. The thong hole is lined with brass tubing, peened over a chamfered edge.

What has D been up to?

I haven’t posted anything new here in months, but that will be remedied soon. Promise!

First, let me offer a quick update regarding my whereabouts and goings on these last few months. At the beginning of March, I left my job of the prior 12 years to set a new professional course for myself. Does that mean I’m going to become a fulltime bladesmith? No, don’t be silly. That would require discipline, efficiency, and skill, none of which Icurrently posess. No. Instead, for now that means working solo for a bit, trading financial instruments from my humble home office. Interest rate futures mostly, but also equity index futures and commodities. I’ve lost a ton of money doing this, but fortunately I’ve also had a few profitable trades, carrying my net P&L firmly in the black. Let’s hope I can keep that up lest my children go hungry and my wife walk out on my good-for-nothin deadbeat ass.

… what else? Let’s see, I made some maple syrup this spring, did a bunch of skiing, travelled around a bit (NYC and LA), got caught up with some work around the house, spent a bunch of time with the kids, and did a little work out in the shop as well.  Pictures to follow shortly…