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Just rubbed one out

Here’s a knife I just finished. I gave this one a nice smooth 600-grit hand-rubbed finish on the blade so it would look a bit cleaner than some of the simple belt-finished knives I’ve made lately. Hand-rubbing is slow and tedious work but it does look nice when it’s done well. Strangely enough, however, when I told the wifey I was headed out to the shop to rub one out the other night, she looked at my kinda funny, then just rolled her eyes and walked away. I guess she prefers a belt finish…


The handle on this one is made out of bone micarta scales held on with epoxy and slightly flared stainless steel thong hole tubing. You don’t even want to know what the wife said when I started talking about my thong hole.


The flats and edges still retain a forge finish and provide a nice contrast, both in color and texture, to the hand-rubbed blade. Forged from 1/4″ 1084 carbon steel, the thinly ground blade is 5″ long and the overall knife is just shy of 10″.  This one’s quite pointy, and VERY sharp. Much like my wife….

Barbecue / Battle-Fork

The barbecue is a man’s sacred domain, a place where he cooks his kill so that he may eat and feed his family. It is not something to be taken lightly or trifled with in any way. It is basic. It is essential. It is serious business.

So of course when a man places fresh meat upon the fire he likes to have good tools available to ensure efficient and proper cooking of said meat. This is where a good barbecue fork comes into play. It must be sturdy, strong, and pointy. It must be capable not only of moving the meat around on the grill but also of chasing away and possibly killing scavengers and other potential threats. So when a friend recently invited me over for a barbecue, I decided to make him a proper barbecue / battle-fork.


He seemed to like it. Sadly I didn’t get a great picture before he picked it up and chased me away with it, but perhaps I’ll make another one for myself and post a new photo then. In the meantime, happy killin and grillin, Johnny!