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Veterans Day Knife Giveaway

The men and women of our Armed Forces don’t have it easy. They are sent to inhospitable, dangerous places and are asked to risk their own safety and wellbeing in order to protect ours. They do so without hesitation, and step forward to face our enemies so that we don’t have to.

For generations, they’ve protected this great nation, and it is because of them that we can continue to enjoy our safety and freedom today. So on this Veterans’ Day, as we take a few moments to honor their courage and sacrifice, I would also like to give a little something back.  


I will donate this hand forged knife to an active member of our military – one who is currently or soon to be deployed – in a drawing to be held at 9 pm Saturday. All you need to do is email me at my Yahoo address (my handle is dickwulf) to be eligible. If you are not active military you may enter the drawing on behalf of a close friend or relative who is. All I ask is for the winner to provide me with some kind of proof that the recipient is in fact active military. Also, if it’s not asking too much, I would very much like for the recipient to send me a photo of himself with the knife after he receives it.

Now a bit about the knife – the blade is forged from quarter inch 1084FG (Aldo’s own fine grained, high manganese steel – this stuff get’s crazy hard). I triple normalized and triple quenched it in Parks 50, then tempered it twice and drew back the tang, ricasso and spine to a spring temper with a torch. The blade is a bit over 7 inches long from tip to choil and the overall length of the knife is 12 ¾”. The blade has a rough, fresh from the forge finish on the flats and a simple belt finish on the bevels, and the handle is wrapped with good old 550 cord.

This knife is not much to look at, and lacks most customary refinements and accoutrements, but hey, warriors aren’t out there to look pretty either. The important thing is that it’s very sharp and built to perform. I tested it out a bit and I’m confident that it will handle some seriously hard use.


The sheath is a simple concealex rig outfitted with a MOLLE clip so it can be easily attached to a pack or a chest rig.


To me, as a bladesmith, there is not greater honor than to have my knives used and relied upon by soldiers. They are both the toughest and worthiest of customers. So it will give me great pleasure to give this knife to a soldier today.

To all those who serve, and all those who have served, thank you.

UPDATE – Congratulations to the happy new owner of this knife, SGT JZH of the 340th Psychological Operations Company.