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Little scalper

Here’s a little knife I made for a friend, a warrior and a scholar currently spending some time in lovely Eastern Afghanistan. The blade is forged from a bar of 1084 carbon steel (seriously this stuff is awesome) and the handle is wrapped with some braided nylon cord. Simple, strong, and purposeful.


I heat treated this blade by quenching just the edge in the oil so that the unquenched portion would remain soft and ductile. I gave the blade a light bath in some mild acid to etch the surface ever so slightly and reveal the transition zone between the martensite and pearlite. Pretty neat.


And of course it wouldn’t be complete without a cozy little carry rig, this one again a hand-stitched leather sheath to be worn in the pocket, on the belt, or even around the neck.

Next up for my buddy John is a big nasty zombie chopper. Hopefully I’ll get that done before the virus spreads

Backup fighter

Here is a little backup fighter I recently made for a soldier headed downrange


The primary design elements of this knife came directly from the customer’s specifications. He wanted something tough and sturdy yet unobtrusive that he could carry horizontally on his belt in the small of his back for ready access. The primary use of this knife would be general utility work out in the field, but if necessary this knife will also be able to serve as a very capable defensive weapon as well. Let’s hope it never comes to that.

The forged steel blade is another one of my laminated billets, which I made by forge-welding a piece of high-carbon steel into a sandwich of 304 stainless steel. The 1095 carbon steel core will take and hold an amazing edge, while the high chromium stainless steel skin will help protect against corosion. It also looks cool.


The handle is made from some Australian Red Mallee burl – a beautifully figured wood wood with nice warm colors – and wrapped with some nylon cord to help provide a sure grip even under adverse conditions. The sheath is just a basic hand-stitched leather pouch style sheath with a dual belt-loop horizontal carry rig. Nothing fancy but it does the trick….

Godspeed Loui