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Long overdue update

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted an update here so let me now take this opportunity to catch up on a few things. It’s been pretty busy out in the shop.

First, I’m working hard to fill my outstanding orders. If you’re among those who are patiently waiting for their knives to be completed, please know that I am grateful for your support and your patience and am working hard to get it done. I typically work on several projects at a time and chances are yours is one of them. But if you ever have any questions or concerns or if you just want to say hi, please don’t hesitate to call or send me an email.

One of the other projects I’m working on is a special piece that I started working on more than two years ago. It’s the most ambitious project I’ve undertaken and will comprise several firsts for me, including, believe it or not, some lapidary work. This project is a bit of a surprise for someone so I won’t go into further detail just yet, but I will share one quick teaser pic just to keep you guessing.



Yet another project I’m working on involves the addition of a new piece of equipment into my workshop: a digitally controlled electric heat-treat oven. Previously I had been performing all of my heat-treatment processes in my gas forge or my self-built, multi-burner heat treat furnace. And though I have been achieving excellent results with the carbon steel I’m using these days, I feel that I will be able to get even better control and more consistent results with such a precise and accurate oven. This will also allow me to heat-treat some of the more complex alloys out there, including stainless steels and various tool steels.

I’m also working on expanding my horizons a bit and getting into making some other edged tools; namely axes and tomahawks. This involves a lot of research, because quite frankly it would be stupid of me not to use at least a small part of the collective knowledge and experience acquired over the last three thousand years of axe use. That said, it also involves a lot of creative planning, because the materials, tools, and processes available today allow for much more advanced design and construction techniques than were available so many years ago. So I’m doing a lot of thinking, sketching, planning, practicing, building and testing to come up with some great new designs that will meet and exceed the demands of their users.


Finally, I’m beginning to take a few first steps on a little “journey,” so to speak, that may take me once again to Atlanta. More on this when the time is right…..