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Imp Axe

Here’s a quick glimpse at one of my newest projects: The ImpAxe

It’s a compact little full-tang axe that I recently designed and I’m now building and testing the first few prototypes. One of the first things I did with this one was to chop a cinder block in half. Didn’t even have to stop to reload the thing. So far so good but I’m going to spend some more time putting the prototypes through their paces and getting my heat treatment dialed in. This will be first and foremost a tool for tactical and survival applications so I intend to make it as effective and as close to indestructible as possible. The steel is an expensive high alloy tool steel than can produce some of the toughest impact cutting tools on the planet, but proper heat treatment is absolutely critical to getting this steel up to its performance potential, so I’ve been taking my time to get it right.

The axe head is a bit over 5.5″ long with a 3″ cutting edge and a 1″ spike at the butt end. The cutting edge has a full convex grind right up to the cheeks, and the axe is about 0.30″ thick at the head. The bearded blade both reduces weight and allows the user to choke up for more delicate work, and the tang is fully skeletonized and tapered to further reduce weight, making this axe an ease to carry and use.


I left this one with a rough and ugly finish, complete with file marks, scratches, and an oven-fresh “tempertina,” but future renditions will be prettied up a bit. Not too much though – this is a tool, not an accessory. Axes will have a choice of handle materials and either a custom leather or molded kydex sheath. The bulk of these will go to military customers but I will make a few available for non-military customers as well. Send an email if you’re interested in getting on the list.