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Moving to Germany!

Yup. I’m moving to Germany. The plan is to set up base camp in the Bavarian Alps and then spend a year or two traveling and exploring Europe. Unfortunately the airline I’m using has a policy prohibiting anvils, forges, and power-hammers in carry-on luggage so I won’t be able to take the entire shop with me, but that certainly won’t stop me from pursuing my passion! In fact I already have some plans drawn up for a small shop in my new mountain home, with some cool new projects just waiting to be completed.

One of those projects is a crazy, multi-bar damascus fighter for a very important customer that I just can’t wait to show off. There’s also a special piece in the works for a discriminating collector in Wisconsin who also spent some time in Bavaria when he served in the 10th Special Forces Group back in the 1960s. In fact I’ll probably finish this knife just a few kilometers from where we has stationed some fifty years ago.

I’ll be sure to post more information once I get settled in, but in the meantime I will remain accessible via email. And since I can’t post an update without a picture or two, here’s a shot of a nice little fighter I just finished up.


The blade is about 7 1/2″ forged W2, differentially heat treated, and hand rubbed to 600 grit. There is a faintly visible hamon too but I only gave it a very light etch to keep the blade clean and satiny. The blade also has a pronounced distal taper, making it very light and quick in the hand.


The handle is a nice piece of sambar stag that feels really good in the hand, while the guard and buttcap are stainless steel. Overall length on this piece is 12 inches and it is currently en-route to a photo shoot in Connecticut before eventually finding its way to a happy new home.