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Gembloux 2015

Next weekend, the Belgian Knife Society is hosting its annual knife show in Gembloux. I will be among the exhibitors there, and plan to have a few examples of my work available. This will be my first show in Europe, and I’m looking forward to meeting many makers and collectors from the region.

One of the first knives I’ve finished for the show is this vest bowie in forged 1084 carbon steel with a damascus guard and Australian ringed gidgee handle.



The knife is 26cm (10 1/4″) lomg with a 13cm (5 1/8″) blade.


The guard is a small piece of 200+ layer damascus that I forged out of 1084 and 15n20 parent stock.


The Australian ringed gidgee handle is polished to 1500 grit and finished with 3 coats of boiled linseed oil and sealed with antique wax.

Next up is an Impaxe with a linen micarta handle.


Cut and ground S7 tool steel, 0.3″ thick and roughly 12″ long makes this a fast, light, tough little axe. I left the handle with a nice grippy file finish to help keep it comfortable and secure in the hand even while swinging heavy blows.


Sometimes I have to remind people that the Impaxe was not designed for weekend family camping trips.

As I finish more knives, I will post them here…