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To help the DesRosiers

Adam and Haley DesRosiers, of Petersburg, Alaska, just lost their workshop to a devastating fire. Adam and Haley are both accomplished bladesmiths and wonderful, giving people that have helped so many others along the way, including myself. Like many Alaskans, Adam and Haley are proudly independent and self reliant people. They built their workshop from scratch, even harvesting their own lumber for the structure. The loss of this building and the many tools and materials inside is a huge setback for them.


Being such independent people, they would never ask for our help to rebuild, but many of us still wish to lend a helping hand to get these two good people get back to doing what they love – and what they live on.


For my part, I wish to donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this knife towards the rebuilding of their shop.


Here’s a quick youtube video showing the knife in greater detail:

I will sell it for the highest bid received by 6pm, EST, on Monday, January 4. Bids must be emailed to me at derrickwulf at gmail dot com, or posted in the comments on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/167279416965947/


I will ship the knife (at my expense) to the highest bidder upon confirmation of payment received by Adam and Haley.

***Knife is sold*** Thanks, Roger!