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Damascus Bird & Trout

This fowl and salmonid meat processing apparatus, otherwise known as a bird & trout knife, is small, thin, light and sharp. Very sharp.


The deeply etched and blued damascus blade is about 10cm from tip tp guard and roughly 3.5mm thick. Overall length is just over 20cm.


The guard is black G10, which is much lighter and warmer to the touch than steel, but still very strong and stable.


Just behind the guard is a stainless steel spacer. A stainless steel pin also helps to secure the canarywood handle.


This piece of ¬†canarywood has nice warm tones and some interesting grain patterns. It’s been polished to 1200 grit and finished with boiled linseed oil.


I also made a simple black leather sheath, which holds the knife securely and sits comfortably on a belt.