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Full-tang Damascus and Ironwood Hunter

Here’s a full-tang hunter I recently finished. The design is similar to the carbon steel and stag piece I posted earlier, but slightly larger and with entirely different materials. The general concept, however, remains the same, and that is: a solid, durable, and extremely effective cutting instrument in a compact and easy to carry package.


The blade is 1084 / 15n20 damascus, the handle is Arizona desert ironwood burl, and the pins and lanyard tube are stainless steel. I find that the warm reddish tones of the wood contrast nicely against the silver and grey of the steel, as do the patterns and textures of both. But first and foremost, this is a knife, and it’s made to cut.


I left the full tapered tang a bit proud of the handle scales to both highlight the damascus pattern and improve tactile response. Though this little detail requires a lot more close finish work to do properly, I feel that it looks terrific and feels good in the hand.


I made a nice little sheath for it but forgot to take a photo before delivering the knife to its new owner – an old friend and colleague who wanted one of my knives to give to her husband on his birthday next week. She seemed genuinely thrilled with it, and I hope he is too.